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When you build a house or addition, you need siding to protect the walls. There are a number of different choices for siding, including aluminum, steel, stone, wood, cedar shingles, stucco, brick, and vinyl.  Siding comes in different types of materials and since it is an important part of your home, determining the type of siding for your home is important.


Siding protects your home from the elements but also gives your home curb appeal.

The different materials that can be used to side a home include aluminum siding, vinyl siding, stucco, cedar, brick, and composite siding.  Given the all the different types of siding available, you will want to shop around to ensure that you are making the best decision for you and your home.  Some of the different options that you will need to consider not only includes the type of siding you want, but also if you will purchase siding that doesn’t need painting, and the trim and gutters to match your siding.

Since this is a big job, choosing the right contractor for your siding project is one of the first decisions you should make.  You do not want to just select anyone.  Ensure that the contractor you choose has the credentials to back up what they say, such as years of experience and customer references.

Before you meet with a contractor to discuss your siding project, having an idea of what type of siding will help tremendously.  For instance, take a drive around your neighborhood and pick out the types of siding you like.  Also, ask your family and friends what type of siding they have on their home—particularly if you do not like what they have, you will know to stay away from that type of siding.  Another idea is to visit home centers and look through the different siding materials and styles that they have displayed.

Once you have the type of material you would like installed, next is to determine a contractor—remember, choose one that is experienced in what you want and can provide references.  You will also want to compare prices with several different contractors.

When you have selected the siding contractor, sit down with them and ensure that you communicate what you want and need.  This is imperative to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that there are not misunderstandings.  Siding your home is a very important job and is highly visible.  The agreement should include the details of the project (what will be done), start and end date of the project, the cost and how the payment will be made.

One of the decisions that will need to be made is if you will have your new siding painted.  This will largely be determined by the type of siding you decide on.  For example, it is highly recommended that you do not paint vinyl siding.  This is because vinyl expands and contrast and any paint on the product will crack and chip off, which will leave you frustrated and your home looking shabby.

Today’s vinyl siding already comes in different colors and is easy to install.  The most you should have to do with vinyl siding is to wash it off every once in a while. 
When determining the type of siding you want, consider the color you want your home to be and the upkeep that will be required once paint in on the product.  Moreover, considering all the different types of siding that is available, not only will cost be a contributing factor to your decision, but you should also think about the maintenance that will be involved in keeping your home looking fresh.  The contractor that you choose will be able to help you with the different options and the requirements of basic maintenance on your new siding.