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When You Should Consider Hiring a Roofing Contractor


Deciding to hire a roofing contractor can be a no-brainer for those who aren’t initiated in the fine arts of roofing. But for those who know the basics, taking on a roofing home improvement project can be tempting. By asking yourself these basic questions about hiring a roofing contractor, you can make an informed decision whether to hire a professional or do the work yourself.

Is The Job Too Hard For Me?

One thing is for certain about roofing: it’s a hard job. While you may know how to set shingles and hammer in nails, but the real part of roofing is the physical labor that is involved. Bending over and attaching shingles for eight hours a day in the hot sun may be beyond your physical capacity. Know your limits before you attempt any roofing home improvement project.

Besides being hard work—it’s also dangerous. One fall or slip can prove to be fatal. If you’re afraid of heights or unsure about roofing in any way, then roofing your own home is out of the question for you.

Do I Have the Right Tools?

A basic roofing patch job might seem simple enough, but without the right tools, it’s like chopping a tree down with a sledgehammer. Buying the right tools for the job can easily make your roofing project go over budget, defeating the whole purpose of doing the work yourself—saving money.
Nail guns, air compressors and ladders are all necessary and expensive aspects of any roofing job. A professional roofing contractor will have what they need to get the job done and know how to use them.

Will I Need Help?

More than likely, your roofing job will require help from someone else. But the problem with hiring your own help is that if they damage materials—or even worse, hurt themselves—then you are going to be held liable.

A professional roofing contractor is insured against material damage and workers are covered under a workers compensation program, preventing you from getting stuck with paying for the damages or medical bills.

What Kind of Permit Will I Need?

While basic patch jobs don’t necessarily require building permits, just about every other roofing project you encounter does. Without the proper licensing, getting a roofing permit might be impossible. Professional roofing contractors will have the license that allows them to sign off on permits and get the job done according to local building codes.

The best part about hiring a licensed professional is the piece of mind you get knowing the job will be done up to national building codes and standards. Licensed roofing professionals will also know about updates in materials and codes you might not be privy to.

Will I Have The Time?

Many homeowners often overlook time constraints when taking on home improvement projects themselves. Do you have enough time to get the job done before the weekend is over and you have to go back to work? Is there enough time before the next rain comes?

A roofing contractor has the manpower needed to get the job done in a timely fashion without sacrificing on job quality. And timing is everything when it comes to drying in a roof with rain on the horizon.